Code Library .Net (Access)

Code Library .Net (Access) Standard 17.0.3630.20751

Great knowledge manager for .Net


  • Great variety of functions
  • Backup feature
  • Password protect


  • Beginners might need a while to get to grips with it

Very good

Building programs is a multi-part process. With the code, images, details from the internet, files and your own notes on the process, it can get messy pretty quickly. What you need is a database. No, really…

Ok, so database isn't the catchiest word, so take Code Library .Net (Access)'s lead and use 'knowledge manager' instead. It basically provides a framework where you can store your information, keeping it well-ordered and easily accessed for when you need it. The Code Library .Net (Access) interface is very user-friendly. It has a variety of skins and a good search function. Help is online only, but it's a fairly minor complaint.

Code Library .Net (Access) provides you with multiple tools to add, organize and categorize your information. The different areas of the program are accessed via the tabs along the bottom of the interface. Your information is arranged in tree diagrams, and the dependencies can be renamed, moved or erased as the need arises. You will be able to view the overall structure on the left of the window, and the information itself on the right.

Among the various tools included in Code Library .Net (Access) are a code editor, word processor, image manager, RSS function and direct links to websites such as Flickr, Delicious and Blogger. It's not immediately obvious which functions are limited in the trial version, which is mildly irritating, but plenty are still usable. The program's configuration options are as varied as you would expect for a program that has so many features, but the program, its options and its features are organized in such a logical way that most users will have no problems getting the most out of Code Library .Net (Access).

An excellent knowledge manager for developers everywhere.

Code Library .Net (Access)


Code Library .Net (Access) Standard 17.0.3630.20751

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